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QUESTION: What are students' typical ACT results after taking ACT Prep classes at Above the Limit?

ANSWER: Our students have increased their subject-specific ACT scores up to 6-7 points. This results in overall ACT increases of 2-3 points or MORE! 

QUESTION: When is a good time for my son/daughter to take the ACT?
ANSWER: Students should take the ACT no later than the summer after his/her 10th grade year. We recommend students take the ACT after they have taken Algebra 1 and Geometry. Early is best but waiting too long adds pressure to the student to perform.

QUESTION: What are the benefits of taking an ACT Prep Course?
ANSWER: We strongly recommend taking an ACT Prep course BEFORE testing to 
-reduce test anxiety
-maximize test scores
-strengthen Math, Grammar, & Reading skills

- qualify for college entry

- qualify for scholarships

QUESTION: How much do 1-on-1 ACT Prep sessions cost?

ANSWER: When you choose Above the Limit, you hire a TEAM committed to helping your son/daughter succeed. Your investment in ACT Prep sessions will SAVE you thousands of dollars in college tuition fees by positioning your son/daughter to qualify for SCHOLARSHIPS. 

Our students have significantly increased their scores after taking a minimum of 8-10 one hour sessions.  

Choose an ACT Prep Program that best fits your student's goals:


This ACT course is great for 1st time ACT testers who would like to become familiar with ACT questions and time limits. By the end of this course, students will have a clear understanding of the format and timing of the English, Math, Reading, and Science parts of the ACT, as well as, develop strategies and confidence for their 1st time testing.   Duration: 4 one hour sessions.   Cost: $400


This ACT course is perfect for students who have taken the ACT at least once and would like to focus on improving 1 or 2 parts of the test. This course will not only teach test strategies, but also teach skills specific for each subject tested, as well as, analyze how your student answers each question and correct/improve as needed.

Duration: 6 one-hour sessions.  Cost: $600


This ACT course is for students who want to deeply study all 4 parts of the ACT in pursuit of making great gains in his/her ACT composite score. Students take practice tests (untimed & timed) and learn strategies and skills that will position help them reach their ACT goals. We have celebrated many students who have successfully completed this ACT course.

Duration: 8 one hour sessions.    Cost: $800


This ACT course is for students who are preparing well in advance. Our Team will strategically comb through every section of the ACT teaching strategies including time management & pacing. We will walk with students through a couple of ACT Test dates to significantly improve test scores. 

Duration: 10-12 one hour sessions.   Cost: $1000-$1200


This is an in-person in-depth 4-week small group ACT Prep course that covers the English, Math, Reading & Science parts of the ACT. Students who have successfully completed this course have seen significant increases in ACT scores. This course is for ALL students including 1st time testers.

Dates: June 12 - July 12 (Mondays - Thursdays)

Time: 2pm - 2pm

Cost: $700

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Complete the Student Registration Form 2022-23 (located on the site MENU) and we will contact you to schedule your ACT Prep sessions!

**Payment plans are available for all ACT Prep Courses.**