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BEFORE ACT Prep only 33% of our students are TOPS 20+

AFTER ACT Prep 74% are TOPS 20+

It's generally considered that about 10 hours of studying can lead to about a 1-point increase on the ACT.

On average, our ABOVE THE LIMIT students improve 4 points after 10 private ACT Prep sessions.


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QUESTION: What are students' typical ACT results after taking ACT Prep classes at Above the Limit?

ANSWER: Our students have increased their subject-specific ACT scores up to 6-7 points. This results in overall ACT increases of 4 points or MORE! 

QUESTION: When is a good time for my son/daughter to take the ACT?
ANSWER: Students should take the ACT no later than the summer after his/her 10th grade year. We recommend students take the ACT after they have taken Algebra 1 and Geometry. Early is best but waiting too long adds pressure to the student to perform.

QUESTION: What are the benefits of taking an ACT Prep Course?
ANSWER: We strongly recommend taking an ACT Prep course BEFORE testing to 
-reduce test anxiety
-maximize test scores
-strengthen Math, Grammar, & Reading skills

- qualify for college entry

- qualify for scholarships

QUESTION: How much do 1-on-1 ACT Prep sessions cost?

ANSWER: When you choose Above the Limit, you hire a TEAM committed to helping your son/daughter succeed. Your investment in ACT Prep sessions will SAVE you thousands of dollars in college tuition fees by positioning your son/daughter to qualify for SCHOLARSHIPS.  

Course 1: Introduction to the ACT

6-8 hours of practice. 4 hours 1-on-1 with an Expert Tutor

Fee: $375

This course introduces first-time students to the structure and expectations of the ACT. Students learn how scoring works, as well as, an overview of skills needed to do well on the ACT.

Course 2: Premium ACT Prep

This course is recommended for students who have taken the ACT at least once. Students receive an IIP- Individual Improvement Plan* with recommendations of specific skills and test strategies they need to increase their scores. 1-on-1 sessions with an Expert Tutor. Flexible Scheduling. Assigned individual practice. Improved Confidence.

Minimum 16 hours of practice. 8 hours 1-on-1 with an Expert Tutor.

Fee: $895

*Payment plans available.

Course 3: Targeted ACT English and/or Math Skills Enhancement

This course is recommended for 9-12 grade students who want to Master specific skills tested on the ACT. Students follow our ACT specific English and/or Math curriculum. Students will also learn critical thinking skills and 1-on-1 sessions with an Expert Tutor. Flexible Scheduling. Homework after every session. 

Minimum 40 hours of practice (Math and/or English. 20 hours with an expert tutor.

Fee: $1295

*Payment plans available.


We specialize in 1:1 ACT Prep Coaching. Our data shows that private ACT Prep Coaching sessions significantly increase students' CONFIDENCE & SCORES. Private ACT Prep Coaching is for students who want to deeply study all 4 parts of the ACT in pursuit of making great gains in his/her ACT composite score and/or specific subject on the ACT.  Our Team will strategically comb through every section of the ACT and teach strategies including time management & pacing. Students take practice tests (untimed & timed) and learn strategies and skills that will help them reach their ACT goals. 

Complete the Student Registration Form 2023-24 (located on the site MENU) and we will contact you to schedule your ACT Prep sessions!

**Payment plans are available.**