Above the Limit, LLC



Hi Parents!


Join the community that equips your children for success. 

You will have experienced teachers on your Success Team at Above the Limit.  We are making sure that our families are prepared for next school year.

  • We value our families.
  • We give your child our undivided attention.
  • We encourage every student & build his/her academic confidence.


How can your son/daughter expect to GROW at Above the Limit?

  • Improve reading comprehension & fluency
  • Learn math concepts
  • Build a solid academic foundation
  • Practice study & organizational skills


What makes learning at Above the Limit a satisfying experience?

  • Certified, creative & experienced teachers
  • Small groups of 1-3 students per teacher (in-person)
  • 1-on-1 virtual instruction
  • Staff who care about your children
  • Affordable prices 


What subjects are available for tutoring at Above the Limit?

  • Reading
  • ELA
  • Eureka Math
  • Traditional Math
  • Science
  • Algebra 1 & 2
  • Geometry
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Writing
  • Spanish
  • ACT Prep
  • SAT Prep


What days & hours are available for tutoring?

  • Monday-Thursday
  • 3:00pm - 7:00pm
  • ACT Prep group sessions every Saturday 10am-12pm


Does Above the Limit offer In-person tutoring?

  • YES!
  • K-12
  • 60 minutes per session
  • 121 Leonie St Lafayette, LA 70506


Does Above the Limit offer Virtual tutoring?

  • YES! 
  • 30 minutes per session for Elementary students
  • 60 minutes per session for Middle & HS students


How much does it cost for tutoring at Above the Limit?



(1 hour sessions)

 In-person or Virtual

Families may purchase tutoring bundles for 1 student or to share amongst siblings.

Monthly payments can be arranged.

24 sessions - $900

40 sessions - $1500

60 sessions - $2250

96 sessions - $3600




(1 hour sessions)

In-person or Virtual 

Sessions are pre-paid monthly before the 1st session of the month begins.


“As-needed” sessions are $45/session if openings are available. 

These sessions are by appointment only.



K-3rd grade 

Virtual only

(30 min sessions) 


How does Above the Limit accept payments?

  • Each invoice must be paid prior to the 1st session on the invoice.
  • We accept Paypal, Zelle, or cash payments. Checks are payable to Above the Limit.


Where is Above the Limit located?

121 Leonie Street

Lafayette, LA 70506


What is the contact info for Above the Limit?

Email: info@aimhighla.com

Website: www.abovethelimit.org

Phone: (337) 345-4293

Ask for Karen


How do I register my child for tutoring at Above the Limit?

Complete STUDENT REGISTRATION Form. We will contact you within a few days to plan a tutoring schedule that fits your needs.