Above the Limit, LLC

Teens ages 14-18 will participate in a fun & interactive 1 week course to explore their interests, learn how to manage banking & credit & budget expenses, understand how far a paycheck really goes, learn how much it costs to purchase & maintain a car and a home, learn the importance of giving, saving, investing, & the real cost of being a responsible,  independent adult.

Day 1: Getting to Know Yourself (How to connect your personal & career interests)

Day 2: Getting Your Money Maker (How to apply & interview for a job & entrepreneurship)

Day 3:; Getting Your Bank Account & Credit (Understanding banking & how to build & maintain good credit)

Day 4: Getting a Vehicle (Field trip to a car dealership to learn how credit affects the process of purchasing a vehicle)

Day 5: Growing Your Bag (Exploring investment options)

Date: July 17-21

Time:    9:00 am - 2:00pm  

Location: 209 B Jefferson St. Lafayette, LA

Fee: $125 (Lunch will be provided daily) 

REGISTER HERE-> https://form.jotform.com/231277186472158

If you have questions, email info@abovethelimit.org or call Karen @ (337) 501-9604*